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Italian Wedding Designers and Brands

Article written by VanilaBridal Boutiques in Dubai

Italy is a country that is considered the trendsetters in the wedding fashion industry. Italian wedding dresses are distinguished by their special style and the highest quality of cut and material. Italian dresses are characterized by romanticism, femininity and simplicity. In this article, we will tell you about some famous Italian designers and brands.


This brand, which has been in the fashion world for a long period of time, is an Italian classic of fashion trends. The company carefully monitors the quality of fabrics and for getting the best material orders them in several countries-distributors. The peculiarity of the brand is the combination of up-to-date methods with ancient traditions. Often dresses are decorated with laces, hand embroideries and Swarovski stones.

Franc Sabaria

This brand creates romantic and exquisite wedding images. The features of the dresses from Franc Sabaria are the bare shoulders and deep décolleté at the back, a long train and flowing creases. Dresses are made of smooth silk. That is why, they don’t require additional jewelry like lace and rhinestones. They are decorated with belt belts of milky or beige hue, and small buttons in the form of pearls arranged in a row.

Alessandro Sutra

Alexandro Angelozzi, who is the brand creator, perfectly knows perfectly what exactly men like in women. That’s why the image of the bride created by him is not only sexy and daring, but refined and romantic. The designer prefers playing in contrast, creating a tight-fitting open top and lush, spectacular skirts.

Atelier Aimee

Designers of this Italian brand adhere to strict traditions. They annually produce three collections of wedding dresses. Each collection has its own unique style. Features of this fashion house are the following: every detail of the wedding dress is thought through to the smallest detail, each element is carefully worked by hand, without the use of machines.

Max Mara

This is probably the most original Italian wedding clothing brand. Unusual models, bright accessories, interesting details, embroidered corsets, dresses above the knees, as well as unusual belt bands – this is all that Max Mara is famous for. The brand slightly departs from the classical colors and represents not only white and beige dresses, but also purple, green, and crimson dresses. So that any bride can find something special. Colored outfits have become a brand identity of Max Mara.

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