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How to Take Care of Your Custom Basketball Jersey Printing Techniques to Last Longer

Taking care of custom jersey basketball team is not easy as you think. Most of you may have been three. You may understand that the clothes will be completely in different shapes when you do not properly take care of them especially for printed fabric like your basketball jersey. In this opportunity, we would like to share tips how to take care of your personalized basketball jjersey printing properly.

There are tips for you to keep your printed design looking so fabulous even after regular washing. You may need to turn your basket uniforms inside out before washing them in wash machine. This washing trick will help to prevent the print on your jersey fading away or peeling off. You may have known that wash similar clothes together will keep the color looking great. In fact, this step does not only the matter of the color but also the texture. You are restricted to wash the harsher material and softer material together. It can cause the basketball jersey printing to peel off because the harsh material rubs the softer one. And, if you still do the wrong washing technique, change it then to preserve your beautiful designs on your sport uniforms. Now, use cold water to do your laundry for printed basket jersey. In the matter of washing your clothes, cold water will do better than hot water. Cold water will preserve your awesome print uniforms and avoid distilling the ink. Besides, there is no reason to wash your cloth with hot water.

To keep your print stay in an excellent condition, you are highly suggested avoiding using various strong detergents like bleach or softeners. A milder soap will help to preserve your clothes especially for basketball jersey printing. Dryers can be great and reduce time-spent for drying the clothes. If you want to take care the print on your custom jersey, you should not use it. This way can increase greater possibility for the prints to fade away, crack or peel off. You may not want to happen for you. Dry your printed basketball jersey from the direct sunlight. The direct contact with sunlight can damage color and print on your clothes. We have told that heat is never good for your printed jersey. Here we suggest you do not regularly iron your print custom jersey. And if you need it so bad, you can turn the inside out and use the lowest setting.